The Violette Underground

On Wednesday, December 16th I produced my first “philosophical burlesque”  event: the Violette Underground. The idea was to explore the idea of bringing together feminist performance art and the philosophical salon, following the … read more

A year in review.

As 2015 comes to a close, I thought it was time to reflect on what a full year it’s been. Summarizing it all here now, I can hardly believe how much I squeezed in – … read more

A woman in advertising.

Different voices in a room expand your world view. I just read an interview that Rebecca Huval did with creative director and copywriter Janet Champ on The Toast and I’m feeling head-over-heels inspired by her. … read more

The gritty self.

I did a gritty, real-life photoshoot with photographer Cory Johnn this week. For me, it was challenging to have unedited, raw-feeling photos of myself out for the world to see… but it also feels good. … read more