Appropriate Joy

I was walking by an ad yesterday on my way to a meeting. The man in the ad was beaming, starry-eyed, overjoyed and bubbling over with laughter, looking straight into the camera.

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A brief defence for (good) design.

– A tip sheet for designers: 4 short and easy defences for (good) design 

If you’re a designer, then you are familiar with clients (or your friends/family/person sitting next to you at the coffee … read more

Five tips for working with us.

A lot of clients want to know how they can get the most out of their design agency or studio. And trust me – we want to give our clients the best results! Here are read more

Let’s talk about… cars

For those of you who know me even remotely, you know that I don’t like cars. I’m talking pretty much everything about them: car culture, car ads (especially car ads), the way they look, … read more

Design Q&A // Jan 28

Design Q&A

In honour of tomorrow’s ACE Creative Roundtable, I thought I would re-post some of my answers from last year’s Q&A panel. To see the original post with a full list of questions and read more

Five tips for great design.

Bill Bernbach (the founder of ad agency DDB) once said “A great ad has four things: Intelligence. Insight. Wit. Surprise.” I totally agree: here are 5 more things that the Office of Sarah does to  read more

4 Tips for doing.

4 Tips for doing, not just dreaming.

Daydreaming (or night dreaming) about things you might like to do one day is so easy. There are all of those comfortable words that you can hold tightly … read more

The small idea.

The small idea.

I’m talking to design students at the University of Alberta this afternoon about design, process and why purpose is so important. I love talking (read: ranting) about design: it inspires me to … read more