International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day // March 8

It’s like almost forgetting my birthday!! Zeus.

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 8) is International Women’s Day, for all of you who have forgotten or didn’t know. For a great … read more

Scouting for an intern

Scouting for an intern.

Note: We have found a Chief Assistant for the Office of Sarah. Thanks!

The Office of Sarah is looking for an intern! Could it be you?!

CRITERIA: – must be a … read more

A daily list to keep close

A daily list to keep close

Sometimes I need a reminder of those tiny little things that make me happy. You’d think it would be an easy question, but pinpointing the exact moments is more … read more

My biological clock

My biological clock: thoughts on not ever having kids.

As a woman of child-bearing age, there is one question that people just luuuuuuuuve to ask me. I wish it was, “So, when are you purchasing … read more

Man up, for god’s sake

Man up, for god’s sake.

For those of you who don’t live in my city and who aren’t aware, let me give the background info that spurred this post. Currently there’s a poster campaign called … read more

The best studio in the world

The best studio in the world!

I have a love-affair with my home. In fact, I happen to think I live in the best spot, and in one of the most interesting buildings, in my … read more

A rant on waking up early

I don’t want your stupid worm! A rant on waking up early.

I think one of the general rules of the world is that it doesn’t make a lot of sense (string theory, fashion, baseball, … read more