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Philosopher Selfie // Week 8

Week 8 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. March 17 / Perpetual hope

Humans seem to be creatures of perpetual hope. We have a resiliency and sass that continually amazes me.

Or maybe it’s just me?

Tues. March 18 / Blood, sweat and tears

Had a good reminder tonight about how you reach goals, after a conversation about salsa (never doubt: all life’s great truths can be discovered through salsa dancing. Or anything else that you feel like generalizing). One: first find something that you love and really, really want. Two: put in the time and don’t give up, even when it hurts. That’s it. It’s that simple and that difficult, all at the same time.

Wed. March 19 / Salon!

I’ve been holding monthly Salons at my studio, as a way of bringing together interesting people on interesting topics. March’s topic was “holacracy” and conversation ranged from socialism to start-up culture to privilege and unlimited vacation time, all swirled around with copious amounts of wine. Totally left me in the wee hours of the morning with a mathematical conundrum, though: I know how much wine my studio full of 13 people consumed (in a word: lots), yet somehow I have six full bottles left… a good reminder to all that some problems are actually quite digestible.

Thurs. March 20 / Power posing?

Performance is a continuously mysterious thing for me. I love it and dread it. I am thrilled by it and scared shitless of it. My performance itself gets better over time, but my nerves seem to always get just as wired. When I figure out how to dial up my confidence at the same time as my nerves, I’ll be golden. I’ve tried several combinations but so far I just have a growing list of things that don’t work so well: alcohol, pretending I don’t *actually* care about anything/trying to be cool, pretending that there aren’t dozens/hundreds of eyes watching me. I think my next strategy is going to be power posing.

Fri. March 21 / Teach me the patience!!!

I don’t understand how people can wait for things. You know the word that I’m talking about – patience. I am not imbued with it. It is not one of my gifts, and for as long as I can remember (ask my mom) I can hardly stand waiting for something that will assuredly or probably be good. THE ANTICIPATION KILLS ME. How – how? Ye patient folk, teach me your magic and your focus!

A late night-early morning additional thought: It’s incredible how much money we will spend on entertainment when nothing is better than laughing so hard that your sides ache in the morning.

Sat. March 22 / Disco feeds my soul

It’s old news to state that music can effect your mood and outlook. I’m particularly sensitive to being around music that I dislike (read: it ruins EVERYTHING, I literally cannot escape soon enough). Often my main criteria that I judge music against is, Yeah, but can I dance to it? And to make a long story short, I literally can’t get enough funk. I need 100% times more disco funk in my life. I gotta shake that thang: I know I got soul.

Sun. March 23 / Distraction

I’ve noticed of late that I’ve become more distracted by my technology and social medias. I find myself checking my phone most free moments, and I feel somewhat satisfied by this (I’m connecting with people and things that I like and amuse me) but also somewhat nagged by the thought that perhaps it’s not a great habit? I really can’t decide. How can I be dismissive of the technology that brings me James Brown on-demand, or lets me connect with a friend who isn’t present? But on the other hand, what about when people ARE present? Do I shut down my technology then? It can get complicated when you set hard-and-fast rules. Like, for instance, what if the person physically present with me wants to funk-out to James Brown with me? WHAT THEN?

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