Pelham Illustrations

Illustration-960x640-DavidIllustration-960x640-Balcony Illustration-960x640-Kemala

Background: Elements Digital Studio hired me to create some illustrations for Pelham, a master builder of quality condominiums. The client believes that an illustrative look would be the best on-brand way to visually showcase “why Pelham” for the new website that they were building.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: Illustrations gave us the opportunity to create a mood and feel that matched the tone and content on the website.

The Solution: The illustrations needed to speak to the brand and the tailored, hands-on quality-obsessed nature of Pelham. The final illustrations  include 3 key things: a personal, hand-touched feel; a feeling of flow and transparency; a simplicity that allowed the details and final look of the illustration to sit well on a web page, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or iPhone.