Personal Projects


M.Des: A Master of Design counts as a project, I think? A very long, 2-3 year project. I will be working on my thesis at the University of Alberta over the next few years. The questions I’m hoping to explore include: what does live performance art mean in a digital media era? What pleasurable, physical experiences are we lacking in our modern-day human interactions and what can these experiences offer us? What do female-owned spaces like new burlesque say about the current cultural experience of female identity?  Learn more here »

Videocast: “Sports with Sarah and Jules” I started a hockey sports commentary videocast with Julian Faid. It’s a weekly 5-minute videocast that runs during hockey season. Posted the day after every Oilers game, this is hockey brought to you by someone who knows, and someone who doesn’t really care. Go to videocast »

The Violette Underground: A “philosophical burlesque” event, this is a pop-up speakeasy event happening every few months that involves many things including craft cocktails, burlesque performances, spoken word poetry and other theatrics, as well as other secret delights.  Learn more about the event »

Mini Newspaper: This mini newspaper will be a curated collection of news, stories and opinions on design, advertising, philosophy, feminism, ideas, big-picture politics, poetry. First printed issue TBA.


The Violette Underground: A “philosophical burlesque” event, created to explore the idea of bringing together feminist performance art and the philosophical salon. The first one took place on December 16th.  Read more about it here »


Philosopher Salons: A series of themed discussion salons hosted at my studio on a variety of topics, for the purposes of entertainment and education, following the poet Horace’s definition of the aims of poetry, “either to please or to educate” in the tradition of the French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries.