Our Services

The Office of Sarah pairs design with lots of good thinking. We also work in collaboration with other fantastic and talented folks who provide photography, web development, copywriting, market research services.

In no particular order, here is a list of some of the services our studio provides, each paired with a brief description rant:


Includes infographics, book cover design, editorial illustrations, children’s book doodles, instructional how-tos, posters, portraits, caricatures, fashion sketches, figure-studies, hand-lettering and any other possible creative imaginative scribble you can think of like these.

Book + editorial design. 

Books. Magazines. We like to read ’em. We like to illustrate and write ’em. We also love to layout and design them, like this beaut.

Logos / brand identities.

And a logo, you ask? Where does that fit into this whole brand-thingy? A brand generally utilizes an exquisite yet simple image (the logo) to act as an immediate identifier. I like to think of your logo as your company’s face: it’s everywhere and on everything, people recognize you by it, and you generally have to keep it for a number of decades before you start thinking about refreshing it. Trust me, you want to have a Really Great Face.

A sidenote rant on logos. Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “Perfection is not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away.” I feel like that should be the Great Commandment for creating logos because they are one of those things where you add even a single tiny flourish – the color pink Just Because You Like Pink, a bit of barbed wire because you have a matching tattoo on your left buttock, little grass stem here, the tiniest unicorn there, basically anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be part of the logo and you’re just CLUTTERING UP THE PICTURE so that people can’t focus on the actually important parts. It’s like cluttering up your Really Great Face with an ill-advised My Little Pony tattoo or obscuring it with a paper bag. The perfect logo says no more and no less than it needs to say.

Something else that should be obvious by this point, is that your perfect logo will be different from anyone else’s perfect logo, unless your company or product is exactly the same as an already existing company or product, in which case you might have some important moral questions you should be addressing.

Promotional + advertising campaigns.

Presentation is everything. Includes such things as posters, brochures, packaging, online ads, and running around in a hot dog suit.

Questions? Email sarah@sarahjackson.ca to receive a PDF with info about services, rates and more general how-we-work type stuff. Thanks!

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