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A daily list to keep close

A daily list to keep close

Sometimes I need a reminder of those tiny little things that make me happy. You’d think it would be an easy question, but pinpointing the exact moments is more difficult than you’d think. I mean, it’s like saying “I love holidays” – well, of course, but what in particular do you love about holidays? Is it the feeling of getting lifted up while sitting on a plane, the thrill of stepping into another life, the guilt-free ability to begin drinking cocktails at 11am or the bragging about it to your friends once it’s over?? I started trying to list out specific moments in my day-to-day that I love. Here’s what I got:

My new morning health smoothie. It’s not the making of it, it’s the satisfaction of having it taste like chocolate and banana but knowing that I’ve hidden my Greens powder within it. That first sip of cold chocolate + banana, combined with the knowledge of its secret health, is heaven.

A well-made almond or soy latte (a rare gift from the barista gods).

Seeing one of these, anytime, anywhere.

A bubble bath on a cold day (by “bubble bath” I mean my organic shampoo: I know, I’m basically a combination of Real Simple magazine and Martha Stewart).

Drinking wine with friend(s). It’s this magical fuzzy combination of mellow relaxation, comfort, the warmth in my cheeks from the wine and laughter and friend bodies all mixed together. On nights like this 8 hours can easily by without my noticing, and then it still feels too short.

Working on a project that makes me laugh. Which kind of goes hand-in-hand with hanging out with people who don’t take themselves too seriously. This may be one of my absolute favourite things: working on a project with a colleague or team that is aware on some level of the ridiculousness of the human plight and our efforts to solve it. It’s a very calming feeling that I find spurs my creativity.

… and the previous point reminded me of another one of my favourite things: reading any book by Douglas Adams.

Getting the first two hours of a day for me, my coffee and my thoughts.

My 25-minute jogs in the river valley. Not the forcing-myself-to-get-ready-and-put-on-my-shoes part, the parts from when I’m walking out of my building until the moment I return to the elevator.

That lucid, alive, aware moment I get when I’m on stage performing. It’s a perfect combination of fear and delight: yup, it’s officially a “thrill”.

Getting something hand-written in the mail.

30 delicious minutes to sit in a cafe and read/scan all the day’s newspapers. Particularly the comics section.

Making eye contact with attractive strangers.

A good hug.

Drawing humans. I love, love watching people. In real-life. I’ve recently realized that I have a hard time keeping my attention focused on digital humans – movies, TV shows. I mean, put a dragon in there and trust me I will watch, but humans? I get to see those things in real life every day! Your box-size imitation doesn’t even compare!

After-lunch naps.

Eating really good food that I didn’t make. This is a not-so-secret delight of mine… I’m not ashamed to say that cooking fills me with angst and I’m impatient before I’ve even finished writing the grocery list (assuming I ever got that far). I feel about chefs the same way I feel about musicians: I am SO THANKFUL for them because I have no desire to create either thing but both things are SO NECESSARY FOR MY LIFE. THANK YOU FOR CREATING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC AND FOOD TO FEED ME.

Moments of inspiration, that lead to…

Moments of inspired action. True moments like this are so rare and I have a pact with myself to seize them whenever they strike, be they design-related, philosophy-related, dance-related, romantic, or… well, if we’re looking at the actual terms of my pact*, those four things are pretty much it.

* I mean, there are lower-rating items, like fear-inspired action to complete my bookkeeping, but if I’m honest the above four will always triumph over my bookkeeping.

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    I love this reflection Sarah. Beautiful.

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