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A Holiday Gift // Dec 26

A Holiday Gift

A holiday gift from the Office of Sarah to you, to help you through the new year! This gift is a Top 5 List BUT – have no fear. It’s not the sort of Top 5 List that just makes you feel guilty by telling you all of the picture-perfect things someone else is doing every single day that you should be doing. This list includes five suggestions for things that I do (and that you might actually want to do) when having an overwhelmingly shitty day. You’re welcome.

Number 1: Re-read The Hedonism Handbook: Mastering The Lost Arts Of Leisure And Pleasure in the bath, to remind myself what pleasure is and that I need to chill out in the bath right now. At 2pm. And then probably take a nap.

Number 2: Visit my boyfriend for a cocktail, and by “boyfriend” I mean Woodwork.

Number 3: Put my phone on silent for the entire afternoon. You know the modern world has gone too far when to not hear the damn buzzing of your phone seems like a guilty pleasure.

Number 4: There’s this coffee shop near my studio where – no matter the time of day – there always seems to be a leisurely group of handsome men in suits chatting and lounging around with their espressos. I go there and pretend I’m in Italy. Also to remind myself that obviously some people manage to be successful without running around like a mad hatter all day.

And number 5: This last one is the toughy, because it’s more a prevention tactic that you won’t feel like doing on your shitty day, but you’re already having a shitty day, so what do you have to lose? Have some pity on your future self and then think of something you really want and do one, small, tiny thing that gets you closer to that desired goal. Once you’ve done this tiny thing, write it backwards on a sticky note and paste it to your forehead, so that the next morning when you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror you remember that today is already a much better day.

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