A year in review.

As 2015 comes to a close, I thought it was time to reflect on what a full year it’s been. Summarizing it all here now, I can hardly believe how much I squeezed in – it makes me think of myself as a young human and my mother telling me “You can’t do everything at once!”  – but I wanted to do oh-so-much more. Here’s what the Office of Sarah did manage to do, in 2015.

We started the year off strong, winning 3 awards at the 36th Annual ACE Awards, and a few months later 2 Canadian Redgee Awards. Seeing as I don’t normally take the time to enter awards shows, my pride in this is two-fold, with the first being that we even applied. *pats self on back*

In May I flew to New York for the 99U Design Conference, and then took my first trip to a new part of the world: Scandinavia. I started by meeting Julian in Oslo, Norway (where he was doing an improv collaboration with Rapid Fire Theatre and Andre Teatret, a fascinating project where they performed improv in personal and found spaces). From there we went to Stockholm, Sweden, then to Tallinn, Estonia (my maternal motherland, where I was hoping to have some sort of deep, cellular vestigial memories – I’m not sure if that happened, but it was beautiful and full of beautiful people). Before our final stop in Helsinki, Finland (where I found the most magnificent collapsable 100-year-old top hat) we did a 24-hour ferry trip to St. Petersburg, Russia – an interesting glimpse into a bizarre and separate world (I fully enjoyed our private tour of the Winter Palace, where legend has it that my great-grandmother dwelled for reasons unknown).

Back in Canada, the Office of Sarah took on our first full-time summer design intern, a bright design grad named Paulina. It was fantastic having her around and we worked on some fun projects together including two visual identity designs: Dr. Tara Dental and P-CANN. In the early summer The Office of Sarah was also featured in Design Edge Magazine on the “power of small”.

With two parents in the teaching profession, I never thought I would find myself behind that desk, but this past fall life, from September through December, I taught for the first time at MacEwan University in the Design Studies Program, introducing first year design students all about the wonders of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. The class was 4 hours every Wednesday afternoon, and it provided a nice rhythm and grounding to the flow of my week. It also provided new coffee date bonding with my mom, as we both commiserated about our (seemingly) never-ending piles of student projects to mark.

There were definitely projects in the “To Do” list for the Office of Sarah in 2015 that will be crossing over into 2016 – I can’t wait to share some of them with you. So, on to 2016! A mystery that we have yet to unwrap. I have the feeling it’s going to be a treat ;)