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Spring in the Yukon

That’s what this series of three illustrations is entitled, but I feel it could be “Spring in Edmonton” right now because it’s been snowing all day in my much-less northern city (although, admittedly, still quite northern by most of the world’s standards). My Mom always says that I was born during a snowstorm, so I like to think that April snow falls in honour of my birthday.

During my time in the Yukon this past March I took some early Spring photos in areas that inspired me. When Elm Cafe asked me if I wanted to create some art to hang in their space for the month of April, I decided to create something that brought to mind the varying blue and white shadows of an early Yukon spring.

Get a soy latte and one of the delicious breakfast sandwiches of the day (if you want to copy me, that is) and check it out at Elm Cafe any time until the end of the month!

Pssst – to find out what they’re serving any given day, follow them on twitter: @elmcafe


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