Appropriate Joy

I was walking by an ad yesterday on my way to a meeting. The man in the ad was beaming, starry-eyed, overjoyed and bubbling over with laughter, looking straight into the camera.

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A brief defence for (good) design.

– A tip sheet for designers: 4 short and easy defences for (good) design 

If you’re a designer, then you are familiar with clients (or your friends/family/person sitting next to you at the coffee … read more

Five tips for working with us.

A lot of clients want to know how they can get the most out of their design agency or studio. And trust me – we want to give our clients the best results! Here are read more

A side of salsa.

We take a break from the regular broadcast topics of this blog to bring you niche side-rant on a non-design related love of mine… salsa dancing. This post is split up into two sections. The … read more

The Violette Underground

On Wednesday, December 16th I produced my first “philosophical burlesque”  event: the Violette Underground. The idea was to explore the idea of bringing together feminist performance art and the philosophical salon, following the poet … read more

A year in review.

As 2015 comes to a close, I thought it was time to reflect on what a full year it’s been. Summarizing it all here now, I can hardly believe how much I squeezed in – … read more