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What exactly IS gender?

What exactly IS gender?

I read the book Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine in 2012, so seeing her name in this CBC Radio Ideas series on gender, with Mary O’Connell, caught my eye. It’s the most fascinating discussion about gender that I’ve heard maybe… ever?

“If you see a sex difference in the brain … does that mean that it’s innate, that it’s fixed? Well, of course not. We know that brain development arises through a constant interaction with experience and environment. If you see a difference in the brain it doesn’t mean that it has some sort genetic cause: we don’t know what the origins of that difference are.”

” … gender stereotyping is the product of a limited imagination, and in the process, it limits childhood.”

” … they believe there is a fluidity to gender …”

If you’re interested in listening to the series, you can find them here: The Gender Trap, Part 1 and The Gender Trap, Part 2. I’d also recommend Cordelia Fine’s book.

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