Five tips for working with the Office of Sarah.

A lot of clients want to know how they can get the most out of their design agency or studio. And trust me – we want to give our clients the best results! Here are five tips that will help you understand how the Office of Sarah works, and how we can get to great results. If you find this post useful, I suggest you read our Five Tips for Creating Great Design.

1. Creatively-driven.

The Office of Sarah is creatively-driven, meaning that the creative integrity of the work comes first and everyone is working towards that goal. Where does the creative come from, you ask? The Design Brief, which is how we know it’s going to be strategic and focused on your business’ success. Hurrah!

2. Decision making.

For a great process and great results, we need to have access to ALL the key stakeholders, including the person who has final say on decisions. These people need to be present for key meetings and presentations of work.

This is a rule that my team really stands by because it shows us that the work is important to the key figures, and ensures that the client has buy-in and that we have guidance, input and approval at each stage of the process.

3. Final proofing and sign-off.

Final proofing (either digital proof or printed proof from a trusty local printer) are the client’s responsibility. The Office of Sarah will give the thumbs up on the things we are in charge of (design, colours, paper choices, binding options, illustrations, graphics), but you know your company, and what needs to be delivered, better than anyone, which is why we like to leave the final sign-off the client’s sign-off.

4. Good takes a good amount of time: great takes a great amount of time.

There’s no shortcutting it. For award-winning and hard-working communication pieces and campaigns, you need to take the time to build the right team, gather all the pertinent background information, do the research, interviews, concepts, prototyping, edits and then more edits until it’s just right. The key invisible word here is “time”.

We need to bake that time in from the very start.

5. Honesty really is the best policy.

Communicating directly, honestly and respectfully with my clients (and having them do the same for me) helps us focus on the actual problems and opportunities at hand. Not to mention making the whole process more enjoyable for all.

Honesty not only applies to project management but also to coming up with successful, strategic creative. It’s important to be honest about your product, your service, your business, what you’re offering and what you’re doing. Funnily enough, people like buying from brands and companies they trust, and they like working with people they trust. Who would have suspected?!