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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day // March 8

It’s like almost forgetting my birthday!! Zeus.

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 8) is International Women’s Day, for all of you who have forgotten or didn’t know. For a great little history on it, visit Here are some fun little tidbits I grabbed from their site, my brain and from harassing my parents for some family history:

In China, Nepal and Madagascar it is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY FOR WOMEN ONLY. So for all you Canadian men reading this, I know. You’re disappointed that this isn’t so in Canada. Well, I would like to let you know that female Canadians will be accepting offers of errand-running, massage therapy, cooked dinners and free lattes all day.

The UK is winning by a landslide in the Women’s Day Olympics according to their Event page, with over 400 Women’s Day events for 2014. Canada is lagging behind Australia in last place with only 147 posted events. That’s not even a medal position!!! ZERO Olympic points for Canada. COME ON CANADA, our Canadian Women’s Hockey Team deserves better.

The first International Women’s Day was in 1911. That means my maternal great-grandmother Emma Tomingas (née Kinna), who emigrated to Canada from Estonia when she was 12, would have been 20 when the first Women’s Day happened in Europe (read: she would have gotten zero flowers/cards and probably not even known she was missing out). My paternal great-grandmother Theodora Wellborne (née Densham) would have been age 30, in England and onto her second marriage out of three (scandalous!) which makes me feel that she, at least, would have had some fun womanly hurrays in 1911. My parents seem to think she might have been in Burma in 1911, which could have been fun?

Reading up on my great-grandmothers has made me think about what I’ve inherited from them. I inherited my jawline, blond hair and Finnish blood-line from Emma. But personality-wise, I think I take after Theodora. She was married THREE times (which sounds interesting at a time when I imagine women’s lives would have been rather dull) and even though she had three children (one from her first marriage, two from her second) she was not a “motherly type”, reportedly writing to her own parents (who were raising her first child Madge) to say that she did not want Madge to stay with her even during the holidays: my own grandmother (Eileen) reportedly was in boarding school in England from the age of five. Honestly, I might even consider children if I could still go to parties and raise them at a distance with the help of a nursemaid…


If you’re in Edmonton, there are 2 events and 0 medals for Canada going on March 8:

A Celebration of Women – A Evening with Heart & Soul 6.30pm-10.00pm @ The Muttart Hall (Alberta College of Music, 10050 MacDonald Drive, Edmonton), tickets $45 per person available on their Eventbrite page.

Girl Rising Edmonton, a movie being shown 3-5:30pm @ the Metro Cinema (8712 109th Street, Edmonton, AB), tickets $7 available here.

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