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January 13


Now, I must let you know that Friday the 13th has a special place in my heart. My birthday is actually on the 13th (of April), and as the laws of physics predict, every 7 years or so my birthday falls on Friday the 13th.

I tend to think of the number 13 as a superbly lucky number.

So, a Friday the 13th giveaway! Because 13 is an exhaustive number of envelopes to stamp and mail, and since 1+3=4, I will be giving away 4 Toast of Change desktop companions!

Simply be one of the first three people to comment below OR be the person with the best comment. Your comment must include one goal that you plan on accomplishing in 2012. Easy.

Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. Heather

    I just bought a monastic soup cook book that follows the seasons. The plan is to cook one of the soups a week! I’m sure you’ll likely get an invite at some point to join me (with or without your toasty friend!)

  2. Julie

    My goal is to have the most exciting year of my life! Last year was one of the most horrible, so THIS YEAR will be different. I am going to New York for 4 months and eating hot dogs from a street vendor, seeing the coney island freak show, riding the subway at night, walking across the brooklyn bridge, going to the bronx zoo, eating in chinatown… sitting in on SNL, seeing musicals, going to creepy spoken word events, ellis island, buying shoes, going to barney’s, tiffany’s and bloomingdales. I mean come on.

  3. Kyla

    My goal is to achieve solvency while learning how to decorate beautiful cupcakes! Bring it on 2012!

  4. Megan

    I will be moving to NYC as well. But my experience will likely be on a shoe string. Living on dollar, (for 6), dumplings…riding my bike everywhere cause a monthly metro pass is $100. Going without chocolate and other such lovely things, in order to pay rent. It is going to be amazing and the start of something great. (no mention on facebook, it’s still a surprise to my boss ;)

  5. Megan

    I will also take my 2012 journey to NYC, [though, no mention on Facebook.. this is not known by a lot of my community!]. It will be a slightly different experience than mentioned above :) NYC on a shoe string… 6 for $1 dumplings, riding my bike all over the island to save on a metro pass, two meals a day so that rent can be made, dog walks for entertainment. Interning for zero dolla’, learning a ton and moving towards my passion. It’s going to be amazing, the start of a new life and dreams.

    I am in control of how my year plays out, and I will make it amazing :)

  6. Megan

    what… how did that post twice.. well, there are two takes on it.. and do I get points for posting two times to many?? hahaha.

  7. Jennifer

    Friday the 13th and I get along, too! Tyler and I met and had our first date on the 13th of August, 2010, which also happened to be a Friday. (Sigh. It was fancy and awkward and wonderful). Our goal for 2012? Conquer everything standing in our way, and get married. Even if it doesn’t happen until December and we have to hire hitmen, it’s happening. IT’S ON.

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