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January 18


Thought of the day: It’s always good to start with a plan, even if the plan changes later on. After all, getting started (I’ve found) is generally the most important thing. And then there’s finishing, of course, but we’ll leave that thought for another day…

On Friday the 13th of last week 5 lovely ladies left me with some of their New Year’s Resolutions, and they weren’t messing around. In summary, they plan to:

– cook one monastic soup a week (when one cannot be a monk, one can at least eat monk soup, I say),

– have the most exciting year of their life, including 4 months in New York,

– achieve solvency while learning how to decorate beautiful cupcakes (are solvency and cupcakes somehow related in some mysterious way that I don’t know about??),

– move to New York and follow their passion (definite New-York-and-passion theme. What IS it about NYC that makes passionate people flock to its centre?),

– get married.

Wow. Already off to a good start re: creating some interesting goals (especially that cupcake one…). Will eagerly be awaiting my soup and cupcakes, err, update reports.

I hope that writing down your goals on the Toast of Change will help you along your journey in 2012! And if you 5 ladies are reading this, don’t forget to email me your addresses so that the Toast can find you!

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