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GDC Annual Report

GDC Annual Report released!

Last Friday I went to the GDC Alberta North General Meeting, where they distributed their 2012 Annual Report that I collaborated on with fellow GDC member and designer Meghan Cooper. The project was Pro Bono and completed over a short timeline over the Christmas holidays: a bit hectic to say the least, but I was glad to be involved and supporting my local graphic design chapter.

The concept we ran with was “playful collaboration”, and we had the GDC Executive Members submit old childhood photos of themselves, along with a quote on one of their favourite childhood activities. I hand-illustrated their quotes and illustrated the photos graffiti-style as I felt appropriate. Here are a few of my favourites:


I also got to put my own baby photo in the report, but it had to be squeezed into the corner of one of the last pages, which are already pretty tiny. So, in all it’s full-size glory, my baby portrait (with my older brother Justin beside me)!

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