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One Thing Per Day

My third consecutive year of blogging has been going a little slowly. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been the bigger portion of a year since I’ve been blogged regularly.

Whoah. Time for a new reason to blog, said my brain.

Year 1 was about Doing Sweet Things.

Year 2 was about Innovation and Revolution.

Year 3 (starting now after an 8 month hiatus) is going to be about… simplifying. Giving enough information and thoughts to chew on, but not so much that I overwhelm myself and my readers. When I really sat down to think about it, most people in the modern world have information running out of their nose. Information is not the problem. What we have is lots of information – but not much content.

Things that sit alone are perceived has having more value. Appreciation and value are subjective things: we make statements about what we value by what we do with them, don’t we? Isolation can give you the clarity to really appreciate something. SO, carefully and mercilessly, I will daily clear away the clutter from a single idea. And then I’m going to give that idea some elbow room, and let it float or sink on its own merits.

Why? Because I’m tired of being surrounded by a billion images and words that half the time (if I’m being generous) were written without passion or thought, with the result being that these words and images offer very little insight and a pauper’s diet of passion. I want to share things that will be more than scanned: I want to write things that will be read, images that will be looked at and focused on. A simple thought cleared away of surrounding clutter.

You might not find the One Thing I blog about each day worthwhile, but the difference is that you’ll know that I do. Which is, the more I contemplate it, a big difference.

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