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The best studio in the world

The best studio in the world!

I have a love-affair with my home. In fact, I happen to think I live in the best spot, and in one of the most interesting buildings, in my city. I don’t understand why there’s not a mad rush for Edmontonians to flock to this building. SERIOUSLY. It’s a stately, 100-year-old building built to survive the Apocalypse, the suites have 9 foot ceilings (not 11 feet… but apparently feels like) and original terazzo flooring, and it’s smack in the middle of downtown Edmonton – like literally across from the library, art gallery and our downtown festival square.

Oh, waaaaaait. Right – that’s why. My building has a bike rack in the basement instead of a parkade, and requires a very un-Edmonton perspective on cars: which is that they are a noisy hassle, everyone gets to drink when you take public transit and in a pinch, a taxi cab will do perfectly well, thank you very much. Particularly when you live in a building such as mine, which is located right across from the downtown Westin hotel, and therefore an endless, ever-constant supply of cabs (which, for Edmonton, is nothing short of a miracle).

Apparently I rave about this love affair often enough that the Edmonton Journal decided to feature my studio in their My House Beautiful section this past weekend. You can check it out here.

photo by Greg Southam, Edmonton Journal

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