Scouting for an intern

Scouting for an intern.

Note: We have found a Chief Assistant for the Office of Sarah. Thanks!

The Office of Sarah is looking for an intern! Could it be you?!

– must be a Student of Design (either literally or philosophically)
– must live in/have easy access to downtown Edmonton
– must have writing and research skills
– must have the ability to use brain and clearly communicate thoughts
– must be amusing and non-stressful
– must be available to work 5 hrs/week* (for a trial period of 1 month)
– must have own computer and design software (Creative Suite)

– $20/hr
– glean knowledge from my agile design brain
– learn about my design process and random quirks
– absorb my philosophy on design and life through proximity of space


0.5 hrs
Monday morning meeting with moi at my studio or at a random coffee shop to go over that week’s projects.

4 hrs
Work. You would basically be a Design Assistant (that can be your official title if you like), and as the name implies, you would be assisting me. This will include such things as research (reading things, talking to people, summarizing it for me), social media stuff, brainstorming ideas and concepts, maybe a few wee design edits and a little bit of brisk writing and emergency latte-fetching (joking! kind of). Most of the work can be done remotely and whenever you want, as long as it’s done come Friday. You would basically function like a tiny little contractor (human-size of course, just tiny in the amount of work).

0.5 hrs
Friday dénouement meeting at my studio/downtown to give me a chance to review your week’s work, give/receive feedback, and then high-five.

If you are interested, please send me an email at I am interested in having someone start before the first snowfall WHICH COULD BE ANY DAY! We do live in Edmonton, people.

PS. I will note here when I’ve found someone, but have no fear, if you seem fantastic I will keep your resume on file for the future.

Date of posting: Monday, October 7, 2013