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Tell your friends’ love fortunes!

To play you must download, print and cutout the Love Fortune Cards, have a pen and the desire to delve into – and, yes, FORETELL! – the love fortunes of others. Fortune Teller Instructions:

  1. Print cards and cut them out.
  2. Shuffle the deck of 7 cards.
  3. Ask your friend to choose a number between 1 and 7.
  4. Place the deck face-down on the table, and then turn them over one-by-one, placing them in a row facing your friend.
  5. Look at the cards on the table: the card with the number that your friend chose is their Love Present (if they chose the number “7” their Love Present is the blank card). All the cards before this card (to the left) are their Love Past. All of the cards after this card (to the right) are their Love Future.*
  6. Read the cards and their meanings to your friend, starting with the first card (their Love Past) and ending with the last card (their Love Future).

WHEN YOU GET TO THE BLANK CARD: have your friend take a pen, close their eyes, think of love and all it’s intricacies, and scribble the first thing that comes to mind. This can literally be a scribble, a word, picture, a hashtag symbol, anything. YOU the Fortune Teller must then interpret your friend’s scribble and explain its deep hidden purposes and meanings. Good luck!

Note: Fortunes of Love cards do NOT foretell the specific times of love events. “Future” could be one day in the future or 10 years in the future. Ditto for the “Past”. Your “Love Present” could be either about to happen or literally happening right now. FOR REALS*


Bed of Solitude: This card signifies time alone. This could mean a break-up, a retreat, or simply a brief time of pondering and reflection. This card – by necessity – signifies a lonely time for romantic love BUT is a good time to head to that ashram you’ve been eyeing or go hang out with all those non-romantic partners in your life that you’ve been ignoring lately. (Card #1)


Cup of Desire: This card signifies a choice of perception. You will be in an ambiguous situation where you must choose how you’re going to view it. Is the love cup half-full or half-empty? Think about what you truly desire and choose your perspective wisely. (Card #2)


Loveseat Triangulation: This card signifies that there will be 3 people involved in your love life. Take it as you will, this card means triangulation in one form or another. Is it a clandestine threesome? Is a friend or family member sharing a crucial insight into your relationship? Are you going to relationship counselling? Is it a baby? Or did someone crash your first date with a hottie? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!! (Card #3)


Space and Time: This card signifies a time when true love – love that spans space and time – will impact your life. Perhaps you will discover this rare and beautiful thing – twoo wove – and meet the love of your life. Perhaps you will be voyeuristically observing what it looks like, or coming across some other proof of its existence. Either way, you will be coming face-to-face with True Love, either to be thrown into the depths of it or to be inspired by it. (Card #4)


Hot Hot Hot Tub: This card signifies passionate love. The hot bubbly depths of sensual desire are awaiting! At this time the Fortunes tell that you will be jumping into the simmering ylang-ylang scented joys of el passion. Enjoy. The rest of us will try not to be jealous. (Card #5)


Chair of Love: This card signifies a big love decision. At this point in your life the Chair of Love will be placed in front of you, and you MUST SIT. Not only this, but once you sit you cannot rise until you have made the love decision at hand. Good luck. (Card #6)

*No, not really


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