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March 6


“Pleasant things work better.” – Don Norman

How true is that! Don Norman was talking in this TED talk about how aesthetics and fun positively influence our experiences, and I couldn’t agree more. We stick around longer if we’re enjoying ourselves, and we will play with something longer (or work more diligently on a project) if we find it pleasing. Heck, people that we feel good around are magnetic – people are drawn into and linger in their presence.

Besides being an eloquent defence for putting a priority on creating things with beautiful aesthetics, it’s also an eloquently simple line of reasoning for working with pleasant people. For me, this couldn’t be more true: I look forward to working with people who smile at me and treat me well. It creates a pleasant environment that I enjoy working in, and I almost can’t help reciprocating the pleasantness. Think about it: how hard is it to not smile back when a pleasant-looking person smiles at you? See?? Virtually impossible. Their pleasantness is not only nice to be around, it’s catching.

Never underestimate the Power of Pleasant.

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