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October 20


I was watching a Creative Mornings featuring Jim Coudal today, and at the end of his talk he gave a few words advice. He was talking about the entrepreneurial spirit, and how many of the entrepreneurial souls that he has met say these same six words: “I should have done it sooner.”

“I should have done it sooner.” – Jim Coudal

Entrepreneur – Enterprise – Enterprising. Someone who is enterprising is defined by their initiative and resourcefulness. This wild western country is supposedly known for it’s resourcefulness, it’s bold pioneering spirit. And frankly, I love it. It’s an empowering attitude to take hold of. Plus, the world needs resourceful people right now. People who will figure out new ways to do old things, more beautiful ways to do old things, people who will find delightful solutions to tired old problems.

So to all of you who are hesitating, here is my Thought of the Day – do it sooner!

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