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Philosopher Selfie // Week 10

Week 10 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. March 31 / The luck of being alive

A quote from myself, while in web conversation, that sums up the best thought and reflection of the day:

“Not all the time, but sometimes I get in these moods where I’m like, the world could end tomorrow, I’m so lucky to be alive, WHAT AM I DOING IN THIS MOMENT TO BE WORTHY OF THE LUCK OF BEING ALIVE.”

Tues. April 1 / Surprises

I didn’t have any April Fools jokes in my day, but I did have an unexpected surprise, which is far, far better. Or *was it* completely unanticipated? I truly believe that the thoughts and mindsets of previous days can set-up opportunities you would have never had (or recognized or invited in) before that thought or mindset shift. Yesterday’s reflection manifested itself in an *incredibly* lovely way today. Thank you, yesterday self.

Wed. April 2 / The hard work of hard work

Starting new things is difficult in every way: you have to break through mentally, push through physically, grapple with things emotionally, question yourself spiritually. To improve at new things, you have to go through this process again and again. Every. Single. Day.

And then years later when people ask you how you are so successful/talented/skilled you can say some bullshit about natural talent/luck. Because that’s what humans do.

Thurs. April 3 / Humans are magic

It amazes me that you can project an emotion and that someone else can feel that. Even something as simple as a smile aimed at someone. Humans are fucking magic.

Fri. April 4 / Ladies

The dynamic in a group of women is an incredible and complicated thing. There are so many things at play, pressed upon the group like awful tentacles, but when the women are comfortable (do not underestimate the importance or rarity of this word!) – with themselves, the bodies around them, the space – and rise above the ridiculous pressings of the world, there is nothing like being a woman surrounded by such a group. It is a deep pleasure that brings up a special gut laughter and brilliant smiles that come out only on these occasions. Women: you know of what I speak. Men: weep, that you do not get to be a woman in moments such as these.

Sat. April 5 / Expectations and clichés

Have you ever accidentally stumbled into a cliché, a societal expectation that you find sticky and hard to escape? Clichés momentarily usurp my uniqueness and freewill, creating this strong pressure to be something, someone. The main thing that I find with these tropes is that they are SO EXCRUCIATINGLY DULL. I become bored with myself, and annoyed that I’m playing along. Please, Universe, spare me from the awfulness of dullness.

Sun. April 6 / Reminders

Sometimes you almost let a zit ruin your evening. But then you realize that if your most pressing life issue is a zit (nevermind if it’s a huge, awful one) then you’ve got it pretty good. Probably WAY too good, and you should probably thank the Universe for giving you that zit as reminder of how freaking awesome your life is.

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