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Philosopher Selfie // Week 11

Week 11 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. April 7 / The difference between surprises and being surprised.

There is a rather large difference between a surprise and being surprised. With a “surprise” there is an assumption of a plan and usually some form of delight: “being surprised”, however, is distinctly un-planned and generally tied to panic.

I’ve also found that all the angst tied to being surprised is generally compounded when you are half naked.

Tues. April 8 / Being an adult

Sometimes I wonder if meetings and working hard/late are all simply excuses for adults to drink more booze. On a totally unrelated note, I’ve been going to a lot of meetings lately…

Wed. April 9 / Birthday cupcakes

One of the prices of being in relatively good health/shape is having people (basically strangers, in fact) do things like present you with a birthday cupcake covered in a pound of icing and accompanied by the words, “Oh, you must eat this! It’s so delicious. Oh no, me? I couldn’t eat it: I’m on a diet! But you – YOU CAN EAT IT”, and by that they mean you MUST eat it, now, in front of them. Even if you don’t really like cupcakes. And because of the bizarre social environment that we live in, you do eat that cupcake, right there in front of them as they watch intently as you lick the final remaining bits of icing from your fingertips, because you understand the importance of maintaining this working relationship for your body’s future well-being and safety.

And that was how my first laser hair removal session concluded this afternoon.

Thurs. April 10 / Haircuts are confusing

There are few things that make me feel more like a rebellious child than getting my hair cut.

“Oh MY – these split ends!! My DEAR, when was the last time you had your hair trimmed?!”

(crossing my arms and mumbling) “I don’t know, and I like split ends.”

“Did you cut your own bangs?”

(scowling and looking down at the floor) “Maybe”

“Okay, so the next time you think of cutting your own bangs, you just need to walk over here and let us trim them for you. Right?”

I have to admit, nothing makes me want to cut my own bangs more. And crookedly.

Fri. April 11 / Salon #3: Desire 

My third monthly Salon! I am craving these salons, they’ve started to take hold like an addiction, which is perhaps fitting because this month’s theme was “desire”.  Many things were discussed and I have many thoughts on this topic, but this is one of the more interesting ones that I’m currently contemplating:

Desire grows in the gaps and spaces where we don’t have the thing we crave. The larger the gap or space, the more our desire grows.

I think this might be true for growing desire, but creating desire where desire doesn’t already exist? That is a much more difficult question.

Sat. April 12 / How to make a great dance party

There are 4 elements that need to be present to create a great dance party, in my opinion:

1. It must be sweaty. Your clothes and hair must be clinging to your body, sweat must be trickling down your collarbone and stomach. Sweat is the great equalizer of the dance floor.

2. No inhibitions. The best dancing should be defined as the most uninhibited dancing. People who are observing and judging from the sidelines will be unceremoniously escorted from the premises. You are either all in and sweaty or out, my friends, so don’t fight it: put your hands in the air. And wave them around like you just don’t care. (Oh god, I’m the worst. I couldn’t resist, I had to write it. It was so satisfying, I’m not even that sorry.)

3. Space. I like a good crowd but I also like space to break out into some big moves. Just sayin’, because #4 is…

4. Funk. Obv.

Sun. April 13 / My birthday

Hardly anything can ruin my actual birthday because the whole day I have this deeply ingrained birthday belief that everything is wonderful simply because it’s my birthday. I also have this humility on my birthday: almost like I’m humbly thanking the Universe for letting me exist. So, when actual special things happen on my birthday (as was the case with this one) it’s almost too much loveliness to handle. Like whenever I watch those blasted pre-Olympics commercials or see Jon Snow sacrificing himself at the alter of loyalty and honesty by saying something like “I ate with the wildlings, I fought with the wildlings… I slept with a wildling woman.” My eyes start to well up and I’m fighting tears because it’s just so damn lovely.

Truly, the 13th is my lucky day.

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