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Philosopher Selfie // Week 12

Week 12 of the Philosopher Selfie: I KNOW I KNOW, IT’S RIDICULOUSLY LATE. Deal with it.

Mon. April 14 / Man-styling

It’s extremely humbling when a man can dance the feminine part of a choreography much, much better than you. Gah

Tues. April 15 / Good food gone to waste

A day when I ate all the good food too fast: lunch because I was aggravated, dinner because I was stimulated. Lesson to self: although at opposite ends of the spectrum, both require too much nervous energy for digestion.

Wed. April 16 / Real life horoscopes

I have a good friend who always seems to be going through the same life events as me. Sometimes a few months can go by before we meet up again over a glass of wine, and then it’s flabbergasting how similar the vein of our stories are. Our lives are inextricably linked: if we tunnelled down through the earth below Edmonton, most likely somewhere on a yacht near the Kerguelen Islands, we would find some mysterious horoscope writer in bermuda shorts concocting our future fortunes.

Thurs. April 17 / Family photos

I have no memories of this day except that I know at some point I made myself into an eggplant. Like, literally.

Fri. April 18 / Child siestas, in both senses of the word

I don’t know what it is, but every time I’m in the presence of my young nieces or nephews I always feel a huge and immediate need to take a nap. It’s like my body is anticipating the exhaustion of 3 hours of hide-and-seek. Or is it just the peer pressure of being in a tribe where napping is expected?

Sat. April 19 / My recipe for the perfect Saturday requires all the twos

Saturday (2pm). Eggs (min. 2). Hot latte with just the right amount of foam (min. 2). Two people. Two opinions.


Sun. April 20 / Gooey and glorious

There are a few folks in my life that, when the moment is right and the cocktails are mixed just so, induce uproarious laughter and it’s like a gooey, glorious mess of amazingness on my soul.

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