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Philosopher Selfie // Week 13

Week 13 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. April 21 / Confusing Mondays

People! Let’s just decide, shall we? Everyone knows that when you have a holiday Friday, the Monday should ALWAYS be a holiday. I’m pretty sure that in a parallel Universe somewhere this is the sort of work the bestest and most famous and beloved policy makers are focusing on.

Tues. April 22 / On being interviewed

I have lots of experience talking, but very little to no experience being interviewed. It’s a whole other thing. So far I’ve found there are two main conflicting thoughts. The first is, could anyone possibly be so interested in my life as to read this? The second is, I HAVE SO MANY DELIGHTFUL IDEAS, YOU WOULD BE MAD NOT TO READ THIS. My guess is that both will prove to be true.

Wed. April 23 / The lost jam days

Sometimes there are entire days that I spend drawing Luchador bars of butter fighting crispy slices of toast. It’s like the drawn condiments literally suck the hours up through my Wacom pen.

Thurs. April 24 / Precise scheduling: efficient, yet annoying

A precisely scheduled day is like a well-trained greyhound. There is no fat to burn, they get you there, efficiently and neatly, but was there any cuddling or fluff or purring? No.

Fri. April 25 / Vancouver Day 1

I have this thing where I’m supposed to be madly rushing to get ready for something important (say, leaving for the airport in two hours) but my body feels the stress and says, “Whooah there girl, sloooow down. You’re getting all crazy hectic in here. Let’s just distract you from this very practical activity of packing with something completely unpractical. But way more fun.” Dammit, I am my own best friend and worst enemy.

I’ve become even more terrible (or awesome?) since I discovered Edith Piaf, because in moments like this I now sing (in a life-anthem-Dead-Poets-Society type way) “Non, rien de rien. Non, je ne regrette rien! and feel smugly satisfied with myself.

Side note: I caught my flight with, literally, 1 minute to spare.

Sat. April 26 / Vancouver Day 2

Beautiful spaces inspire me. Today I got to work in a gorgeous, massive ballroom on the second floor of an old building in downtown Vancouver, sun streaming through the huge 12-foot windows. 6 hours of salsa choreography, dance and practice and my sore feet couldn’t take any more, but I wanted to do it all again tomorrow.

Sun. April 27 / Vancouver Day 3

Three days doing something and it already feels like a habit: it’s amazing how that happens so quickly, how your brain and body can adjust. It’s like I’ve always woken up at 10am, gotten a latte from a cafe down the street and spent the day dancing.

In conclusion, it doesn’t take 21 days or 12 weeks (or longer) to form a new habit: it only takes that long to form a difficult new habit. I’ve cracked the code. To quickly and successfully form a new habit one needs only to choose a hedonistic or extremely jolly new habit. I suggest daily lattes, drinking wine with friends, dark chocolate and dancing.

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