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Philosopher Selfie // Week 14

Week 14 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. April 28 / Reading the moment… wrong.

Sometimes even as an awkward moment is in the midst of happening it’s already being redeemed by the funny story that you’ve started composing about it in your head.

Tues. April 29 / Old friends, new stories

Seeing new passions and achievements grow in the lives of old friends is a special delight. Grow on, friends, grow on.

Wed. April 30 / PMS

If my PMS doesn’t have to exist on a reliable schedule THEN I DON’T HAVE TO EITHER.

Thurs. May 1 / Cool things

I do pretty cool stuff, but sometimes I hang out with people who are doing other cool stuff, and I always wish that I could do it all.

Fri. May 2 / Magic and glitter

People who are serious about ridiculous things – in the way that children take play seriously, or in the way of someone absorbed wholly in their activity – these are my favourite people to watch. I can’t help but get absorbed into their bubble of magic.

Sat. May 3/ Performance

Standing on stage with your back to the audience, waiting for your music to start, wearing a beaver tail and hearing the roar of a crowd of more than one thousand cheering behind you – that is a moment to remember.

Sun. May 4 / Home

Note to self: any time you have to stay up late, your rebellious self will want to go to bed early, making the next day of tiredness especially unbearable. DON’T BOOK early flights, self: just say no!

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