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Philosopher Selfie // Week 16

Week 16 of the Philosopher Selfie, the Coles Notes version:

Mon. May 12 – Sunday May 18

– Watching my dentist show me the different speeds and settings on a vibrating toothbrush that they were selling was possibly so funny that I bought the toothbrush. Yes folks, this toothbrush doesn’t deserve to be called simply “electric”: it’s a vibrating toothbrush. With different speed settings and pulse rates. Oh god, the best.

– I tend to overcommit myself at times and then have a hard time figuring out what to let go. But sometimes when that moment comes, there’s no hesitation. I know exactly what I want.

– Everyone else doing 100 Days of Hustle makes me want to do 100 Days of Hustle. It’s just like when my mom used to make toast with spices, sliced tomato and cheese and I wanted it too. Now I think I should do both. #100daysofhustle #100daysofmomtoast

– Had the best business idea with friends tonight and it’s seriously brilliant. Keep your eyes peeled for its launch! #coffeemates

– A two-tiered Salon Series night. One of my distinct lessons of the night is that smoking cigarettes outside by the door still holds no appeal. Plus it’s so cold just standing there. And the cool kids never wear jackets. Brrr. #allthecoolkids #peerpressurefree

– Practice makes perfect, but practice also makes you really tired. And it’s worth remembering that no one is perfect, even Mary Poppins is only practically perfect in every way.

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