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Philosopher Selfie // Week 17

Week 17 of the Philosopher Selfie, the Coles Notes edition:

Mon. May 19 – Sunday, May 25 

– I’ve got the holiday Monday blues.

– Getting good direction, whether for design or dance, is like getting a hit of adrenaline. It refocuses me and reinvigorates me, reminding me why I love the things I do. #improvement

– Holding an AGM in a basement full of paint fumes either made for the worst AGM or the best? #feelinghigh

– I wasn’t ready for it, but you’ve got to do the first time before you can get to the other times  – you know, the times when you suck less. Man, I always forget that starting new stuff is hard.

– The second time still sucks pretty bad, FYI.

– But the third time! The third time you feel barely alive but you see a light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe that was just funk night at The Bower. #funklightattheendofthetunnel



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