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Philosopher Selfie // Week 19

Week 19 of the Philosopher Selfie, Coles Notes version:

Mon. June 2 – Sunday, June 8

– Feels so good to be home hanging out with a favourite person.

– Spray tans linger, like a juggling clown that was kind of fun to have around when you were feeling tipsy at the circus on Saturday night, but seems so inappropriate juggling by your desk on Monday.

– A 3-meeting day, in other words the max-meeting day. Obviously, I got no work done. And then I came down with the stomach flu.

– Entire day wiped out by stomach flu.

– Flu.

– Sometimes the planets align a little too spookily and you actually wonder for a moment if there is a purpose or path through the Universe that you should be taking. …

– Recovery from the flu just on time for Pride Parade and drinks! Who needs food when you have personal-sized prosecco?

– All the best things happen over brunch. This was a surprisingly lovely one, with some lovely new faces. #meetandgreet

– Getting all the things done before you leave is like a mountain. So glad I had help. #thankssam


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