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Philosopher Selfie // Week 3

Week 3 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. Feb 9 / On balance 

Some days I curl my hair and walk around in high heels and black dresses. On days like this, when I’m feeling a little too Audrey Hepburn and prissy, I drop as many loud F-bombs as possible to try and even things out.

Tues. Feb 10 / On the stickiness of unsaid words 

It’s crazy how a few casual words can tell you so much, even (or especially) when the person is trying to NOT tell you something. My gut, my inner spidey senses, are so wise and I heed them too little. THIS – not my lack of super-human strength or blue-and-red-spandex outfit – is what’s holding me back from being Spider-Man.

Wed. Feb 11 / On shaking it off

Today I had to exert a ridiculous amount of energy pretending to have the confidence that came so smoothly, easily and without conscious effort yesterday. Some days I need to fail at ten things privately to have the energy to pull off one thing publicly.

Thurs. Feb 12 / On screwing up

There are times when I can hold everything together. With aplomb. And then there comes that 2 minutes and 11 seconds where my smile (one of my single true talents) is the only thing I’m holding together. It’s always after moments of disaster that great truths become clear: the importance of true friends that support you through thick and thin, the power of a positive outlook, the amount of drunk I can get off one glass of white wine.

Feb 14 / On the Politics of Love

The philosophical thoughts and discussions one can have on the Politics of Love can go on for years, or (as I’ve discovered) at the very minimum no less than 8 hours. For your benefit, here is a summary of the key things I learned:

– In relationships, there are race horses and there are donkeys. There may also be “pace horses”. It’s complicated.

– Your body can tell you truths before your mind is aware of it.

– When talking about love, people choose “Southern Comfort” and “Writers Tears” over Absynth and Sambuca.

– The ratio of men to women in the world is, surprisingly and consistently, 1:1.

– Politics and love have many parallels: charismatic leaders; unkept promises; petitioning; protests; coalitions; veto power; lots of fanfare; parties (as Samantha from Sex in the City says, “I don’t believe in the Republic Party or the Democratic Party: I just believe in parties.”).

– Unrequited love, dangerous love, complicated love and open relationships make for the best ukelele songs, operas, plays, poems and stories.

– Engaging conversation requires lots of wine lubrication.

Sat. Feb 15 / The Elixir of Life

Chartreuse, the “elixir of long life” was created by monks under the mountains of Chartreuse, France in 1605, over 409 years ago. And yet us modern people are so confused, running around like squirrels on treadmills, eating protein powders, working overtime, etc., when the secret to a long happy life has been under our noses for 400 years. Chartreuse is my new health game-plan to live to 150.

Sun. Feb 16 / On subtleties

Desire has such delicate subtleties. No moment or situation or person is equal to another one, and deciphering between all these layers to figure out the actual thing that I’m desiring is, by far, too much work for a Sunday.

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