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Philosopher Selfie // Week 5

Week 5 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. Feb 24 / On staying up late

I couldn’t even write this post until Tuesday because I was up all night trying to stay awake for the men’s Olympic Hockey final on Sunday morning. I made it until 5:10am before my consciousness gave out. I’m sure that if I’d stayed awake to cheer Canada would have scored at LEAST one more goal. The whole butterfly-flaps-its-wings thing. Sorry, Team Canada. And by “Team Canada” I mean you, Sidney Crosby.

Tues. Feb 25 / Where the F is my chartreuse

So many things in my brain. I am the squirrel in the treadmill. Where. Is my fucking. Chartreuse.

Wed. Feb 26 / On how one thing can make a day great

Work work work work work work work MUSIC CHOIR PRACTICE WITH THE WET SECRETS work work work work work work work work work work…

Thurs. Feb 27 / On Friday anticipation

There are no thoughts in my brain except for how excited I am for Friday afternoon and a NAP. The secret pleasure of adulthood is getting to do the things you had to do in childhood, but whenever you want.

Fri. Feb 28 / My man Friday

Fridays are the best. Like, I’m playing favourites and Friday is BY FAR my favourite friend. Why? Because it’s got that sense of anticipation: anything can happen! The whole weekend awaits! The weekend energy starts creeping into the Friday workday as soon as 10am: I can feel it rising from Edmonton’s downtown streets and enveloping my studio in its sexy scent.

Sat. March 1 / Orchestrating delight

Okay, remember last week when I was talking about if it’s possible to orchestrate delight for yourself (Feb. 23)? I think, tonight, I realized one possible way to do it.

See, I was at a salsa toga dance party (of course) and after sitting out for a few bachata songs (in case you don’t know what bachata is, it’s what most of my salsa dancing friends call the sexiest latin dance in the world but what I like to call the WORST) I started getting tired. It was almost 1am, and I started drifting away from salsa-interest into supreme bed-interest. A friend was leaving and I jumped at the chance to get a ride home. She’d gone out to warm up the car and I was putting my jacket on when another friend begged for one last dance and THIS WAS THE MOMENT WHEN IT HAPPENED. Delight. With my friend waiting outside in her car, I’d created a situation where time to salsa dance was in limited quantity which made that last dance the most delightful of the night.

By committing to leave, I automatically wanted to stay, and by naughtily drawing those last few minutes out, I manufactured a bit of delight. There you have it. All you must do to manufacture delight is create situations where you pretend you can’t have what you want, but then at the last minute allow yourself to have it. By this logic the most delightful things in life would include breaking diets, drinking cocktails before noon, forbidden love affairs, or pretending that you’re going to let your opponent win a thumb war and then crushing them at the very end.

Sun. March 2 / Funday

If Friday is my favourite day (which it is) then Sunday is definitely my least favourite day. I think Sunday should be like the 13th floor – we should eliminate it and just call it “Monday” and carry on from there. That would make Friday “Saturday” and Saturday would become “Funday”. Obviously.

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