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Philosopher Selfie // Week 7

Week 7 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. March 10 / The post-storm calm

You know when you’re really tired and people call it “hitting a wall”? What’s it called when you’re running on adrenaline and should feel tired but are still wide-awake at 5am? You want to hit a wall, you’re looking for a wall everywhere, but it’s like you’re in one of those damn open-plan layouts.

Tues. March 11 / Almost through

I can see the end-line, and it’s raising my spirits. Or maybe it’s the spring-like weather that’s making me cheerful. A friend was telling me about how his son ran up to him the other day and was like “I CAN SMELL THE SPRING, DAD!!” and then ran around in circles like a crazy person, screaming over and over “I can smell the spring!” and laughing like a maniac. This is exactly what I feel like. I CAN SMELL THE SPRING!!

Wed. March 12 / A haiku on some groups of women

Sweet and bright flowers

Dresses that mingle and sway

Friendly as a wasp

Thurs. March 13 / On making yourself do stuff

When I’ve had a hard or crazy busy day I want to cancel things. As if “health”, “pleasure” and “community” weren’t super important things. They are and I should and today – today I didn’t cancel. And it made the difference between “day I will forget” and “day I will remember”. Can there be a bigger difference made than that?

Fri. March 14 / And then it all came crumbling down. For a second.

Have you ever been wearing a ‘fro wig, in a metallic foam outfit, and about to go on stage and do something rather tricky, when you suddenly start getting a migraine headache, the kind where you can’t really see anything? Yeah, I hate when that happens too…

Sat. March 15 / Learning that opening a little can mean a lot

I have a habit of not wanting to impose. I assume that some people in my life don’t want to hear about my day/my real feelings/my excitable thoughts. But that’s a dangerous assumption – dangerous because I miss out on SO DAMN MUCH when I don’t let people in. Lesson to self: open up those doors just the tiniest little bit and you’ll find out that people want to flood right in. And not the bad kind of flood: the good kind of flood, like a flood of hugs or kittens.

Sun. March 16 / Full moons

Everything is possible on a full moon. In fact, I’m posting this week’s philosopher selfies today so that anyone reading this today* (Sunday) still has a few hours to partake. My personal suggestion is libations and fire-lit dancing.

* Don’t worry: if you missed the full moon, you still have the chance to make it up with some First Day of Spring festivities on Thursday, March 20th.

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  1. Heather O

    “like a flood of hugs or kittens” That right there just made my day!

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