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Philosopher Selfie // Week 9

Week 9 of the Philosopher Selfie:

Mon. March 24 / Toes are important

Little things are important – like toes. Lessons you don’t learn until it’s bruised and sprained-looking. Dammit.

Tues. March 25 / Haters gonna hate

There’s this great animated gif that I found originally through swissmiss that says “Haters gonna hate”. Tina Roth Eisenberg (swissmiss) has a personal rule that haters get 0% of her time. It’s hard for me to let go when I get negative critical feedback or commentaries, even when I don’t respect the person or their expertise in that area, and this gif has saved me from going off the edge a few times. Including today.

Wed. March 26 / Spray tans

The prep that happens before a latin or salsa dance performance for a (very) white person such as myself includes a mandatory spray tan*. A good reminder of what it feels like to be a minority being forced to fit in with the crowd. ¡Hola, latina Sarah.

*Lots of people who’ve never participated in a such a thing ask me how it’s done. Let me satisfy your curiosity. First, you shower and exfoliate your body avec de rigueur, put on loose clothing and run over to your local spa. Then you stand naked for 20 minutes in muscle fitness-type poses while a stranger hand-sprays your body with a formula derived from sugar cane and beet juice. You will feel like a golden-brown baked sugar cookie for the next 7 days.

Thurs. March 27 / Salsa and colds

After several weeks of busy deadlines, it’s maybe not surprising that I came down with a cold, but it sure is annoying, particularly since the next 4 days involve travel, sharing hotel rooms with a rowdy dance group and hours of choreography lessons. But mostly it’s vanity, because nothing is less cool than a runny nose and constant kleenex action when you have to be out in public. I pre-apologize to everyone in my vicinity this weekend.

Fri March 28 / Salsa and colds, day 2

Picture a golden-brown baked sugar cookie (but one covered with those sparkly green sugar granules that you see around Christmas time) with a runny nose, fogged up on last night’s Cold & Flu tablets (that shit is strong, people! It was supposed to help me sleep but it kept me up all night with some sort of feverish high) on stage. That was pretty much my experience at our performance on the Friday night International Calgary Salsa Congress stage. At the end of this busy performance day, lying in my hotel bed, my primary reflection was: you know, all things considered: not too bad.

Sat. March 29 / Salsa and colds, day 3

Learning challenging new choreography and dance technique today reminded me of something that my perpetual design-crush Frank Chimero says, which is that he likes to do things “the long, hard, stupid way”. Franko (as I like to call him) believes that doing something with this sort of dedication, without compromise or shortcuts, leads to the greater reward, the better result. And I believe him. Learning new things is frustrating and slow, and I don’t think there are shortcuts to the sort of great results that I’m looking for. Here’s to me doing things the long, hard, stupid way…

Sun. March 30 / Salsa and semi-colds, day 4

I’m the sort of person who loves doing most things once I’m in the moment, but often my contemplation beforehand, if it’s not something that I’ve romanced to myself before in my head, is one of hesitation. Wake surfing? I’m not sure I can do that (OH HELLS YES I CAN); bowling? I’m preeeetty sure it’s lame – until someone actually manages to drag me to the bowling lane and then I’m all in people, ALL IN. Getting dragged into doing new things can sometimes end poorly – or worse, boringly – but I need to remember to let folks drag me in, at least once in a while. Cause, you never know.


  1. Heather O

    That gif is perfect! Also, congrats on your performance despite cold meds and a runny nose. I’m sure you all were fantastic!

  2. Isn’t that gif amazing? The best. And thanks – my salsa team is off to a good start!

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