Mailers / df Boiler Tube


Background/About the Client: df Boiler Tube is a service-oriented procurer of hard-to-find boiler/pressure related components.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: df Boiler Tube has been in business for over 15 years and are now a master distributor for MST SA 106B pipes, but many of the North American companies that would use this product don’t know who df Boiler Tube is or what they do.

The Solution: df Boiler Tube offers old-fashioned 24/7 service that will stop at nothing to get what their clients need, even hard-to-find parts and Northern Canadian weather. This vintage-style mailer series was created as a way to introduce df Boiler Tube to potential new clients, highlighting their old-fashioned focus on real service.


Design and illustrations by Sarah Jackson.