5 Minute Journal Infographic


Background: I got connected to this project through my friends at Paper Leaf (thank youuuu Jeff!). Intelligent Change (founded in 2013), according to their website, has a mission “to help you create positive habits without investing years in experimenting and research to achieve the same results”. They’ve certainly been developing some well-known products including The 5 Minute Journal which has been endorsed by such super-stars as Tim Ferriss and my friend Libby (hey Libs!).

The Design Problem/Opportunity: Develop an infographic for an article they were publishing, based on the research and content that the prompt and friendly Intelligent Change team sent me. The look and feel of the infographic needed to stay true to their brand’s visual language, and break up a bunch of information into nice, relaxing, digestible chunks.

The Solution: A playful infographic with some sweet little vector illustrations. A created a little zen cloud to be the viewer’s guide through the content, and illustrated visuals that pulled you into the copy (“Hunting for Gratitude” visualized by a treasure map, submarine for “Going Really, Really Deep”, etc.).

Check out the article: success.com/article/the-scientific-reason-why-faking-thankfulness-actually-makes-you-thankful

Infographic design & illustration: Sarah Jackson