AGA exhibit installation

The Project: I was invited (and honoured) to be one of three guest artists for the Alberta Art Gallery‘s late night Refinery party. I was stationed on the second floor drawing Condiment Portraits of guests all night (most thrilling condiment of the night, because I can tell you’re dying to know – Mint Sauce!). I was also surrounded by an installation of “Condiment Portraits” that I set up (framed portraits taken from my illustrated A Jam Story books).

The above Condiment Trading Cards were gifted to guests at the door and used as an icebreaker activity throughout the night as guests chatted with each other and traded cards, with the goal of collecting all 7 trading cards before the end of the night to win AGA memberships and other arty prizes. There was also a table set up for guests to take their extra trading cards and create a “House of Cards” installation piece that would grow through the night.

Photos by Jill Keech Photography