AHS ad campaign

The Project: I worked with local ad agency Calder Bateman Communications to put together a campaign on smoking cessation for Alberta Health Services.

Alberta Health Services has a website (AlbertaQuits.ca) that offers tools to help smokers quit. Their issue was that Albertans with smoking addictions didn’t seem to know this website – and these tools – existed. This campaign (using radio and print ads) focuses on the concept that, for a smoker struggling to quit, everything reminds them of smoking, particularly smoking triggers like beer and coffee. The campaign emphasizes that Alberta Health Services understands your particular triggers and can put together a personalized plan to help you quit smoking.

Art Direction: Sarah Jackson & Pierre Chan / Designer: Sarah Jackson / Copywriter: Pierre Chan / Photographer: Clinton Hussey /Agency: Calder Bateman Communications  /  Creative Director: Kevin Barclay / Client: Alberta Health Services

Visit AlbertaQuits.ca for more info on how to quit.