AU Viewbook

Photos by Jill Keech Photography

Background: Athabasca University is a Canadian University that offers online courses to over 90 countries worldwide.

The Project: Created a portable, abbreviated Viewbook. Make it an engaging and useful tool for recruiters, faculty and staff to introduce students to the AU community.

Opportunities/Limitations: The Viewbook needed to be light and stackable (for recruiters travelling to student events). It needed to be an engaging first-glimpse into AU’s community and what it offers. Also, the booklet needed to have a longevity of at least 2-3 years.

Our Solution: Often university promotional materials feature current students, which is tricky because current students soon become past students and graduates and then the content becomes dated. We decided to tell AU’s story through the stories of its interesting and accomplished staff and alumni, which are longer-lasting narratives (or in the case of alumni, permanent narratives). Instead of focusing on accomplishments and generic student-type stories, we decided to draw our audience in by focusing on the quirky/personable/unique aspects of our alumni and staff stories.

Art Direction & Design: The Office of Sarah / Photography: Jessica Fern Facette / Writing: Erin Ottosen