Cards for All Occasions


Background: Every year The Office of Sarah likes to do something for our clients, something that feeds their laughter and their souls, based solely on my personal opinion of what that might be.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: Have you ever had a moment when you’ve wished for that perfect card that you could pull out of your pocket and hand to someone? A card that says “Pipe down!” (eg. for movie theatres, when you’re telling a good story at a party and someone else is talking loudly at the back of the room) or “Let’s cut through the bullshit” (eg. during meetings and real estate negotiations) or “I have a crush on your brain” (eg. to someone cute at a conference). I know I have.

I was also long overdue for getting some new business cards.

The Solution: I created my top “Cards for All Occasions” (9 in total) and mailed them out to all my favourite folks, along with an updated business card, to keep in their pockets until the right moments arise. I don’t want to make any overarching statements about the current state of the world, but I’ve been getting repeat requests from clients and friends for extra “Let’s cut through the bullshit” cards…