Dr Tara Dental

TaraDentallogo-3TaraDental-cardsTaraDental-stationeryBackground: Dr. Tara runs a unique dental practice, which deals solely in providing dental options for people who snore or have obstructive sleep apnea.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: Dr. Tara provides specialty, focused services, treating only snoring and sleep apnea issues, unlike most general dentists.

Goal: Create a logo that speaks to Tara’s belief that improving sleep improves health and quality of life. Dr. Tara is selling health, not snoring apparatus.

The Solution: The Dr. Tara Dental logo speaks to the combined concepts of “night-time sleep” and “dentist”. The icon is meant to be interpreted both as a smile − representing the dental aspect and the happiness/health aspect of the company − and a moon, representing the sleep/night-time aspect. The colour palette consists of a cheery bright yellow and a night-sky blue.

Agency: Office of Sarah / Art Director: Sarah Jackson / Designers: Sarah Jackson & Paulina Van Vliet