ECAMP logo


Background: The Edmonton City as Museum Project (ECAMP), led by the Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC), emerged from the 2008 Edmonton Arts Council master plan. Its purpose is to represent the heritage community in the city and increase Edmontonians’ awareness of their heritage endowment. It is also a voice for heritage advocacy and local heritage organizations.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: Edmontonians have low city engagement compared to other Canadian cities. How do we build momentum and stimulate public interest in the city museum project? How do you promote the idea of the entire city as a museum?

Also, there are many places, experiences and Edmontonians that shape our city, whose stories aren’t currently being told. Edmontonians WANT to love their city: they are looking for opportunities to open their eyes to its hidden treasures, rich narratives and unexpected stories. None of Edmonton’s current museums have a mandate to explore more recent history and city events, or contemporary topics related to Edmonton as an urban centre.

The Solution: The logomark was built to speak to the unique overlaps between “Edmonton”, “city” and “museum”, as well as the unique urban nature of the project, with a goal of telling current as well as historic narratives.

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