Fortune Telling Cards


Background: Instead of just sending out Christmas cards to clients, the Office of Sarah wanted to do something more engaging and indulgent for the holidays.

The Project: So… we branded and threw a party instead. The Violette Underground could be described in a sentence as a “pop-up underground speakeasy club”. We created a logo, promoted the event, rented Woodwork cocktail bar for the night in the 100-year-old McLeod Building in downtown Edmonton (which happens to be the same building as our office), and created an experience of delight and indulgence: cocktails, spoken word poetry, burlesque, and jazz.

The Takeaway: The only item of the night that was branded Office of Sarah were a set of Fortune Telling cards that were left on all the tables. Attendees could pick up a pack, read the instructions and tell each other’s fortunes for the new year. Guests were also welcome to take the cards home as a party favor. Remaining sets of Fortune Telling cards were mailed out to our clients with wishes for good fortune in the new year.

Want to see a video of the Violette Underground? Check it out here.

Art Direction, Design & Illustration: The Office of Sarah