Kick Point MozCon slides 2013







Background/About the Client: Kick Point is a company that develops digital strategies and advises companies on the best solutions for their web needs.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: Dana DiTomaso, founder of Kick Point, was speaking at MozCon 2013 and wanted to have really great slides to go along with her really great presentation (“Next Level Local Tactics: Making your SEO Stand Out”). We sat down and Dana walked me through her presentation, the tone of voice she wanted it to have, and the points that she wanted to highlight with a visual.

The Solution: I took Dana’s great content (nothing really to illustrate or visually communicate without that!) and the tone of voice (funny/irreverent) and let my illustration mind go to town – this is what came out. Luckily, Dana loved it and from the MozCon Twitter frenzy after her presentation, so did her audience. I feel seriously lucky when I get to deal with interesting content, illustrate, solve visual problems and design, all in one project package.

The slides were such a hit that Kick Point got me to make them into postcards. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll send you one.

Kick Point does some pretty cool stuff. For more info check out their website at