Make Something Edmonton Poster

Background: Make Something Edmonton hosted a large event called Sound, Light and Motion where they debuted and raffled off 5 limited-edition silkscreened prints by Edmonton artists and designers. Each artist was asked to illustrate a phrase – stuff like “No one expects you to do it alone” and “This is a place to invent”.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: The phrase I was given  was “In Edmonton, no one expects you to do it alone.” I was limited to two colours and a design that would work for the screenprint process.

The Solution: My design strategy was to make it personal (how does this phrase apply to me, as a creative person in the city?), to delight and charm my audience, and to tell a story through my design that would evoke an emotion using a single small idea or thought. I decided to think about the inverse of this phrase – what does it feel like to be alone, and to have something fail? For me, sad ice cream cone, face-down on the ground, said it all.