OSFM wayfinding map


Background/About the Client: The Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market has been a fixture in Edmonton’s historic Old Strathcona area since 1983 and delivers “Fresh from the farm to your family” with a strong mantra of “We make it, we bake it, we grow it, we sell it”.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: Wayfinding or navigation of the market was one of the central issues that we identified in our research during the re-branding of the OSFM when we were designing their logo. Navigation of the large 130-vendor-strong indoor market is challenging during the busy market hours, and seasonal vendors can be set up in different spots every week.

The Solution: Our wayfinding solution was to give customers as many check-in points as possible for being able to navigate the market. One part of this wayfinding solution was an accurate, informative, updated market map. We re-designed the map with a clear legend that labelled all relevant market information, including ATM machine locations, the main entrances and free parking. Then we put an interactive version of the map up on the OSFM website (updated weekly to let folks know in advance where their favourite vendors would be located), printed versions of the map in brochures (handed out at the Information Booth), and two large 55 x 40″ maps at both entrances (shown above).