OSFM website

Background/About the Client: The Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market has been a fixture in Edmonton’s historic Old Strathcona area since 1983 and delivers “Fresh from the farm to your family” with a strong mantra of “We make it, we bake it, we grow it, we sell it”.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: According to our stats tracking, more than 35% of OSFM visitors were starting to use a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) to visit the OSFM website, and the number was only growing. Our research on the current site also showed that our primary target audience was different than we’d originally projected 2 years ago, with more new visitors, tourists and special events shoppers than regular market goers making up the majority of daily visits to the site.

The Solution: We rebuilt the site to be responsive – to work across every platform – starting with mobile in mind. We also rebuilt the information architecture and content of the site to reflect our primary target audience (new visitors and special events shoppers). A few of the new features on the site include monthly grocery lists, a rotating selection of seasonal gift ideas on the Homepage, and a new improved Vendors page, organized alphabetically by Category with tags for Gluten Free, Organic or Vegetarian products.

Visit the site: osfm.ca

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