P-CANN logo


Background: P-CANN has been providing dependable portable toilets, bins and fences for around 20 years. Portable toilets make up 70% of P-CANN’s business.

The Design Problem/Opportunity: P-CANN recently came under new ownership is looking to grow its business: the company has provides a reliable, dependable service but its visual presence in an environmental scan was very low, since the company and its products had never been consistently branded under a colour or logo.

Goal: Create a logo that speaks to P-CANN’s brand (dependable, meticulous service delivered on-time with a wry sense of humour) and that will give P-CANN consistent brand recognition. The logo would mainly be seen on portable toilet doors, truck siding and fencing around construction areas.

The Solution: The logomark speaks to P-CANN’s dependable, reliable service and gives a nod to the no-frills construction business that it often services, with a wink and memorable visual that plays directly off the company name.

Agency: Office of Sarah / Art Director: Sarah Jackson / Designer: Paulina Van Vliet